"I have served the Lord of the Twilight long. Long did I lie imprisoned for my service, in an endless, dreamless sleep. Only Gray Men and Myrddraal are denied dreams. Even Trollocs can dream. Dreams were always mine, to use and walk. Now I am free again, and I will use what is mine."
   — Lanfear

External summary

<<<   The Daughter of the Night    >>>
Setting: Tel'aran'rhiod, Snow Goose'
Point of view: Perrin Aybara Setting: Snow Goose and Tel'aran'rhiod

While thinking about Faile, Perrin walks around on the Snow Goose searching for his cabin. When he falls asleep, he finds himself greeted by Hopper in Tel'aran'rhiod. Hopper guides him through a thick fog to a meeting of Darkfriends summoned there by Ishamael. Ishamael is annoyed that the tasks he has given the Darkfriends are not yet completed. As punishment he kills the man that let Mat escape from Tar Valon mentioning "I'm fear he will never wake." Others of the darkfriends are located in Illian and Tear.

After he dismisses the other Darkfriends, Ishamael is confronted by Lanfear. They have a discussion about Lanfear's plans and he questions her loyalty. They leave soon after. Perrin realizes Lanfear is the same woman that appeared in his dream and urged him to glory.

Perrin questions Hopper about his motives for showing this to him. Hopper answer in a cryptic manner before flying off. Perrin then accidentally stumbles upon Rand in Tel'aran'rhiod while he is killing shadow spawn. Rand, still believing the Dark One is trying to win him over in his dreams, attacks Perrin with fire. This makes Perrin wake up with some minor injuries on his chest. For the first time in many days he finally falls into a deep sleep.

When Perrin wakes in the morning he goes to Moiraine and tells her about the dream. She ponders over it, but doesn't explain anything to Perrin, much to his chagrin. She does disclose she was afraid some of the Forsaken had escaped Shayol Ghul. Perrin asks her what the name Zarine might mean and Moiraine replies a great beauty that lies around on cushions surrounded by suitors.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor Setting: Hillside in Murandy

Meanwhile Rand wakes up and realizes he has to be more careful in his dreams, realizing it was really Perrin and not some illusion. He is confronted by a group of travelers wanting to share his camping spot. He quickly kills them with a heron sword made of fire. He leaves their bodies in a kneeling fashion, before taking one of their horses and riding off to Tear. One of the men he killed was a Gray Man.


  • The icon was switched to face the other direction (as in previous chapters) in later editions.







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