"For the young, death is an enemy they wish to try their strength against. For those of us a little older, she is an old friend, an old lover, but one we are not eager to meet again soon."
   — Rhuarc of the Nine Valleys Taardad

External summary

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Setting: The Wilderness of Cairhien, Jurene

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Aviendha says she owes a debt to Nynaeve. Nynaeve asks whether there is a ship at Jurene, which there was a couple of days ago.  Nynaeve says they should be on their way but tell the Aiel they are on their way to Tear. Elayne asks Egwene if she knows who “He who comes with the Dawn” is that the Aiel are searching for.  Egwene agrees that it could be Rand.  They warily watched the trees, and suddenly Elayne cries out.

Something hit Egwene’s head.  Egwene opens her eyes enough to see that she is tied to a horse.  She looks around inside a stable, and sees the other two bound the same way.  She falls asleep, and when she wakes up she is on the dirt, unbound.  Looking through the walls in the hut where they are locked in, Egwene sees a man sitting in a chair.  She also sees a man come in the door to the room, this one with no ear.  The men took their rings, and know they are Aes Sedai.  Egwene wakes Nynaeve, and Nynaeve asks if she knows what they gave the girls.  All the men managed to do is clear the pain from being hit in the head.  Elayne is hurt badly, and is dying, Nynaeve says.  Nynaeve manages to get herself angry enough to heal Elayne.  Egwene told Elayne what happened, and Nynaeve says they will get free.

Three Myrddraal are in the other room, and find the girls’ rings.  One says they are the ones it seeks after seeing Golden Crane signet ring that Nynaeve wears.  The Aiel including Aviendha and led by Rhuarc storm into the room and kill the humans.  Three Myrdraal are in the back of the room.  Nynaeve opens the door and the three rush out, Egwene throwing fire at the Myrdraal.  Nynaeve sends a bar of light at the Myrddraal which Egwene thinks was balefire.  Aviendha says she followed the girls, and that is why they could help. Dailin, the Maiden that Nynaeve healed earlier was killed by the Myrddraal.  Nynaeve says they will take the men’s horses. The Aiel follow the girls to Jurene, and then leave.  The girls enter the town hoping to find a ship, and find the Darter and purchase passage. They find out that the Blue Crane is still hung up on the sunken ship.