"Callandor. Who wields me wields destiny. Take me, and begin the final journey."
   — A whisper in a dream that Perrin has.

External summary

<<<   Shadows Sleeping    >>>
Setting: Wolf Dream
Point of view: Perrin

Perrin is dreaming that he is in an inn.  A man wearing velvet with white lace at the collar wants to know why he hasn’t given up the axe yet.[1]  During the conversation, Perrin tells this man that he is ta’veren.  He wakes up when the man wants him to drink something.  Well, thinks he wakes up.  A beautiful woman is standing in the room with him, talking about glory.[2]  She wants him to drink something too.  Then, Perrin is standing on stairs that lead nowhere.  Above him, on another set of stairs, two men are arguing.  One of the men is wearing black velvet, with white lace at the collar.[3] The two men converse but not amiably. A third man joins them and the first two men seem to ally against him. Finally all three seem to be shouting at each other and the meeting breaks up in a ball of fire. A wolf appears and Perrin shouts No!  Perrin shifts to a place he seems to recognize.[4]  He sees a crystal sword hanging in the air, and he cannot grab it. A whisper seems to give it's name, Callandor.  Then another whisper, "the twisted ones come" which comes from a wolf.






  1. Ba'alzamon
  2. Lanfear
  3. Rahvin and Be'lal
  4. The Stone of Tear

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