"A Hunter must follow the trail she sees, and no Hunter would ignore the trail you four leave. And I am Faile."
   — Faile Bashere

External summary

<<<   A Hunter's Oath    >>>
Setting: Illian

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

As the ship arrives in Illian, Perrin is watching everywhere but what is happening on the ship. Zarine is talking with Moiraine, who is asking her questions.  Zarine plans to go with them since she believes they may lead her to the Horn of Valere. Lan watches them and tries not to let Moiraine see him laugh.  Earlier in the voyage justifies his amusement as something he will need if he is sent to Myrelle.  Loial mostly makes himself scarce to avoid the frosty attitude between the women. Perrin cannot hear the wolves and doesn't want to hear them either. He has had a couple of dreams where Hopper appears.

They disembark at the dock along with the horses. Zarine tickles the back of Perrin’s neck, and combined with the familiar smell of her, Perrin finds himself thrown off balance again.  Moiraine says she should part ways with them, and Zarine says she thinks she will follow them for a while.  Moiraine makes her promise to stay with them after she learns more about their task. Zarine is also supposed to take orders and not ask questions. Moiraine assigns Perrin as her guide and watchdog and lets drop that Perrin is ta'veren.