"Why, farmboy, I do not think I ever knew a man your age who could still blush."
   —Faile Bashere to Perrin
For the inn by the same name, see Easing the Badger.

External summary

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Setting: Illian

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

In Illian, Faile tells Perrin about the city and the square of Tammaz where she took her Hunter’s Oath. Loial is uneasy because Ogier stonemasons built the city, and they send for them when things need to be repaired. Loial mentions traveling through the Ways, which Faile overhears. Perrin says Moiraine will not let someone take him back to the stedding. Perrin notices that the people in this town seem wrong, many are outwardly angry or hateful. They come to an inn, Easing the Badger

The innkeeper, Nieda Sidoro, is an Aes Sedai agent for the Blue Ajah. She gives Moiraine the local news but refers to her as Mari. She talks about the weather and this winter being worse than any others except last year. Nieda tells Moiraine that she is having dreams of Lord Brend, who was recently raised to the Council of Nine even though no one had ever heard of him before. Moiraine is greatly concerned about this. The council has forbidden any ship to sail for Tear. Also, there is talk of war with Tear. The party goes up to get settled in their rooms before having their evening meal.

Loial is very pleased that the inn has an Ogier room. They begin to eat their meal and then Perrin smells something wrong. Six men walk toward him and he barely notices them when he looks at them but he can smell them. Then they have daggers in their hands and Perrin yells, and Moiraine and Lan get up. The attackers seems to be focused on Perrin, ignoring the other members of the party. The fight is over quickly with all six Grey Men dead. Nieda does not believe Moiraine about the Grey Men. Moiraine tells Lan she must go out alone and that he should protect Perrin if she does not return.