"Your wolf dreams tell as truly as a Dreamer's, Perrin. The Forsaken are loose, and one of them rules in Illian."
   —Moiraine Damodred

External summary

<<<   Shadowbrothers    >>>
Setting: Illian, Wolf Dream

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Lan asks Perrin how he knew the Grey Men were there and he says he could smell them.  Lan takes Perrin outside and Faile and Loial go with them. Lan says they are going to look for something, but doesn’t know what.  Perrin follows Lan to a hound print in the stone with a trail leading to and from the inn. They are prints from a Darkhound which only leaves prints in stone but not dirt.  Lan tells them to go get some sleep, he’s going after Moiraine, to tell her of the Darkhound. 

Perrin goes to sleep, hoping to enter the Wolf Dream and talk with Hopper and find out about Darkhounds. He experiences a series of images while standing atop a mountain in a rugged landscape.

  • Mat rattling a dice cup with Ba'alzamon
  • Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne stood looking at a huge metal cage with a raised door held on a heavy spring. After they are caught, a woman with her hair in braids laughs at them and a woman in white laughs at the woman in braids

Hopper arrives but only says the last hunt comes and he should flee the shadowbrothers.  When Perrin wakes up, Zarine is there, she wonders if he is the Dragon Reborn, considering his company and those chasing him.  Moiraine storms into the room, saying the Forsaken are loose, and one of them rules in Illian.


In Perrin's DreamEdit






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