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"Luck. It only explodes sometimes, she said. Luck"
   — Mat Cauthon on opening up fireworks

External summary

<<<   Hunted    >>>
Setting: Illian, Andor near Caemlyn

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Sammael (Lord Brend) is in Illian, according to Moiraine. Moiraine asks Faile if she wishes to continue on the journey with them, which she does.  Lan says Faile must learn to ride if she doesn't know how but she does know how.  Moiraine says Sammael did not send the Grey Men, only the Darkhounds.  Perrin questions Moiraine on why the Gray Men would be after him when Rand is the bloody Dragon Reborn!” in front of Nieda Sidoro and Faile.  Moiraine swears the innkeeper to secrecy and tells Faile she is bound to them now, and cannot leave them. 

Perrin hopes the clearing skies will be good for them to get away from Illian and the Darkhounds. Lan tells him that Darkhounds do not like rain, clear moonless nights are when they hunt best. A full pack is chasing them and they gather on top of a hill with a clear view since they will not be able to outrun them. Perrin tries to shoot them with his bow, to little effect while Loial tends the horses. Moiraine finally uses balefire which destroys them.  Perrin questions Moiraine more on what is going on and she slips and says Mat blew the Horn of Valere.  Faile is shocked and disappointed that the hunt is over already. 

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat sits in front of a fire, holding one of the cylinders given to him by Aludra.  He takes it apart, and stirs the insides in his hand.  Thom thinks he is crazy, and then Mat throws the bits into the fire but nothing much happens.  A woman and three men approach their fire and start to attack.  Mat throws another fireworks into the fire which explodes and distracts the attackers.  Thom kills one with a thrown knife, then another. Mat fights easily handles the third man with his quarterstaff. The woman is approaching Mat when Thom throws a knife at the woman.  Mat says she was harmless Thom didn’t need to kill her but she was holding a dagger in her hand. Mat recognizes one of the men from the attack on their ship.[1]  Mat says they have to get going, and there has to be something in the letter, or people wouldn’t be chasing them.









  1. The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 32

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