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External summary

<<<   A Message Out of the Shadow    >>>
Setting: Caemlyn

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat decides to try again to get into the palace.  He needs to deliver this letter.  He climbs up the wall that Rand had used when he first met Elayne.  Mat drops down into the palace gardens, where he avoids the guards.  Mat hears someone plotting to kill Elayne, maybe? 

A guard sees him, and almost draws his blade.  Mat says he has a letter from Elayne, showing the seal.  Guardsman Lt. Tallanvor is who he says he is, and he tells Mat that he has to leave, then decides he will take Mat to the queen.  When Mat gives the letter to Morgase, Gaebril comes out and wants to know what is in the letter.  Mat realizes Gaebril is the same voice he heard before wanting to kill Elayne.  Gaebril gives Mat ten gold marks and tells him to see the world.  





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