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"Apprentice, he says, but the work he did today amounts to his master's piece as far as I am concerned. Fine stroking, and better than steady."
   — Dermid Ajala praising Perrin's blacksmith skills.

External summary

<<<   The Hammer    >>>
Setting: Tear


Point of view: Perrin

Perrin, Loial, Moiraine, Lan and Faile finally arrive in Tear after chasing after Rand for weeks. Perrin and Faile still bicker and Perrin will not call her Faile. Loial notes that the people around them in the streets look defeated. They arrive at the inn Lan chose, The Star, where Jurah Haret shows them to their rooms. Faile seems to finally fit the pieces together. They are looking for Rand, the Dragon Reborn, in Tear, where the Stone of Tear holds Callandor ...

Perrin goes to the smithy, and helps out Dermid Ajala, who is short handed at the moment. Dermid asks Perrin to work a piece of metal.  When that turns out successfully he asks for more items that need to be made. At the end of the day Dermid tells Perrin that he is a master blacksmith. Zarine has been watching Perrin work for a while. Dermid says Perrin can come back anytime and work since he doesn't have any apprentices.  He gives Perrin a hammer, and Perrin puts it in his room, next to this axe, to remind him of home.

Moiraine returns and gathers everyone in their private dining room. Moiraine announces that Be'lal, one of the Forsaken, is High Lord Samon. The plan is to allow Rand in to the Heart of the Stone since only the Dragon Reborn can take Callandor from the traps protecting it. Then Rand will be captured or killed and Be'lal will have Callandor, one of the most powerful sa'angreal ever made. Loial tells what he has learned of Be'lal, which isn't a lot except he is called the Netweaver. Moiraine and Lan plan to attempt to enter the Stone and foil the plan while the rest of the party remains behind. Lan notes that he has seen Aiel on the rooftops and Moiraine worries about what they're part is since they are not mentioned in the Prophecies of the Dragon.










One PowerEdit

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