"I had to do it, Mistress Maryim. I ... had to."
   — Juilin Sandar to Nynaeve as Maryim

External summary

<<<   Bait for the Net    >>>
Setting: Tear, Maule
Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Nynaeve thinks she sees Rand, but when she tries to get a better look, a cart moves between them. Nynaeve laments the high prices vs low quality for meat. The mood of the people concerns her. In the Two Rivers, people picked themselves back up, instead of spending their days sulking. Nynaeve is frustrated that Egwene still objects to almost every suggestion she makes. She convinced Egwene to stop using the dream ring at night. Nynaeve still hates MoiraineJuilin finds Nynaeve and says the women she seeks are guests of the High Lord Samon.

Nynaeve walks into the house and realizes it is a trap. Liandrin walks into the room. Nynaeve tries to channel but finds herself blocked, so she punches Liandrin and Rianna Andomeran, trying to get away. Liandrin and her companion use air to beat Nynaeve. Liandrin says she did the same to Egwene. Liandrin used compulsion to make Juilin bring them to Nynaeve. Liandrin puts Nynaeve into her coach along with Elayne and Egwene to take her to her master, the High Lord Samon. Liandrin says she is bait, part of the plan laid by the Forsaken Be'lal. After they are used as bait, 13 Myrddraal will be used to turn them to the Shadow.







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