"I have no shame in admitting I will be glad enough to run from this fight. Men fight when they should run, and fools fight when they should run. But I had no need to say it twice."
   — Zarine Bashere

External summary

<<<   A Flow of the Spirit    >>>
Setting: Tear, Tel'aran'rhiod'

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin spends another day working in the smithy for Dermid Ajala with Faile watching him. They head to the inn and meet up with Moiraine and Lan. Moiraine says that Rand is in Tear and Lan cites a variety of strange happenings likely only by the presence of a strong Ta'veren. Moiraine says Zarine, Perrin, and Loial should go to Tar Valon, while she and Lan go to the Stone of Tear.

Perrin goes upstairs, and sees Zarine on the floor next to a small Hedgehog on the floor. When he sees her, he calls her Faile. Moiraine says she felt it trigger; something about flows of spirit. When questioned, the innkeeper admits to allowing two women to bring a present for Moiraine to their private dining room. Moiraine says Faile is alive, but not in her body any longer. Zarine is trapped in a dream, maybe tel'aran'rhiod. Moiraine says she must go to the Stone, and Perrin thinks the wolf dream is similar to where Zarine is trapped.

Perrin explains to Loial about the trap. Perrin asks Loial to guard his back while he tries to help Faile. He jumps into the room and finds himself in the Wolf Dream. Hopper meets Perrin and says he should leave, that he is here too strongly and will die. Perrin replies that he doesn't care, Faile is there and he must free her.