"We need her to find Rand, but I am not going to let her shape my life anymore."
   — Perrin Aybara referring to Moiraine

External summary

<<<   The Way Out of the Mountains    >>>
Setting: Mountains of Mist, Ghealdan, Jarra

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

They rode for days, winter changing into spring.  Lan rode ahead of them, leaving signs behind for the others.  Perrin and Loial overhear a conversation about Myrelle.[1] [2]  Moiraine has the Dragon Banner that Rand left behind. They move to a stream and show Moiraine how to catch trout.  She finds three, the biggest ones Perrin has ever seen.  Perrin is upset that Moiraine will not take her turn at the chores.  Perrin does not want Moiraine to run his life, yet he finds himself manipulated into helping her despite his wishes.  They enter Ghealdan and begin to see cleared land and farms. They finally come upon a village, Jarra







  1. The sister that will receive Lan's bond if Moiraine dies.
  2. The Great Hunt, Chapter 22

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