"Dreams can be dangerous for you, Perrin."
   — Moiraine to Perrin

External summary

<<<   Wolf Dreams    >>>
Setting: Jarra (village), Tel'aran'rhiod

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin lays in bed and thinks of the innkeeper’s brother and wonders if a similar fate might lie ahead of him.  He goes to Moiraine’s room.  He asks if he will end up like that.  She says she knows little of his … situation.  But, some of the few who run with wolves get swallowed up by them.  Dreams can be dangerous for him because wolves live partly in a world of dreams.  Perrin wants Moiraine’s help in not losing himself.  He wants her to shield his dreams.  She says it wouldn’t help, she cannot aid in dreams that come from within him.  Perrin returns to his room to sleep and dreams of the wolves. He hears Hopper telling him to run so he runs through a series of hallways.  There is a man there wearing black velvet and the dream seems to kill him.  Perrin runs down the hallway, and into a room.  There is a beautiful woman there, wearing white and silver.[1]  She says he cannot be there, and he will ruin things.  Then the room isn’t there anymore, and he’s in the hall again.  Hopper appears and tells him to leave but Perrin doesn't know how. Hopper attacks him and then he wakes up. His clothes are bloody, but it is not his blood. It is the blood of the man that was killed in the dream.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand sleeps against a tree.  A giant black dog comes toward him, and he channels the Power to shoot a beam of light at it.  It worked this time and the dog is utterly destroyed.  He thinks he has to get to Tear to find out if he is really the Dragon.  He knows the dogs are hunting him but he will not be easy prey.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Who was the man Perrin saw in the wolf dream?
  • What killed the man Perrin saw in the wolf dream?
  • What did Lanfear think Perrin might ruin?
  • Why did Lanfear's departure look so unusual?
  • What was Hopper trying to warn Perrin about?






  1. Lanfear.

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