"He knows who I am. The Dark One knows my face."
Matrim Cauthon

External summary

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Setting: The Queen's Blessing Inn in Caemlyn, Tel'aran'rhiod'


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Loial describes the creation of The Ways by male channelers during the Breaking of the World. He also describes the Ogier trials with the Exile, the Longing and the search for stedding. The Ways connect distant points that have a Waygate but are not really part of the world. Travel between Waygates is much faster than travel in the usual ways.

Male channelers were invited to the stedding so they could hopefully hold off going insane. Some came, but eventually all left. This either prolonged the breaking or prevented it from being worse. Aes Sedai still debate the issue.

Eventually the Ways became corrupted and those that entered either did not return or came out senseless.

After deciding they must proceed to Fal Dara via the Ways, regardless of the dangers, they spend much of the night planning the trip and compiling a list of needed supplies. After a bath everyone heads to their rooms to get some sleep.

Rand is in the dream room with Ba'alzamon again. This time there are 3 figures on the table which clearly depict Rand, Mat and Perrin. When Rand wakes up, he sees Mat tossing and turning and so wakes him and finds out that Mat was having a similar dream and now Ba'alzamon can recognize their faces. [1]



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  1. This will play a roll in the next book. TGH Prologue

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