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The Eye of the World contains 53 chapters and 2 prologues and consists of seven unique POVs and 59 total POVs. The Chapter by Chapter Breakdown sections lists the POVs in order by chapter. The percentage expressed here takes the total number of words in that section and divides it by the total word count. If a character has multiple POVs in the same chapter, they are listed again and not totaled up in one line.

The Unique POV Breakdown sections list all of the people (including Quotes and Narrator) who had POVs in the book. They are listed in the order of their appearance. The second column counts how many POVs they had. The third column divides the number of POVs the person had by the number of total POVs in the book. The fourth column lists the total word count for each POV. The fifth column divides the word count of the POV by the total word count. For example, in The Eye of the World, Rand al'Thor has 44 POVs. This is 74.586% of the total number of POVs (59) in the book. The next percentage indicates that 79.569% of the words in book are from Rand's point of view.

Chapter by Chapter Breakdown Edit

Chapter Character Word Count Percentage
Prologue: Dragonmount Lews Therin Telamon 2,362 0.7615%
Quote 254 0.0819%
Prologue: Ravens Egwene al'Vere 10,044 3.2380%
Ch1: An Empty Road Rand al'Thor 7,164 2.3095%
Ch2: Strangers Rand al'Thor 4,956 1.5977%
Ch3: The Peddler Rand al'Thor 5,260 1.6957%
Ch4: The Gleeman Rand al'Thor 5,965 1.9230%
Ch5: Winternight Rand al'Thor 7,123 2.2963%
Ch6: The Westwood Rand al'Thor 3,411 1.0996%
Ch7: Out of the Woods Rand al'Thor 5,682 1.8318%
Ch8: A Place of Safety Rand al'Thor 5,934 1.9130%
Ch9: Tellings of the Wheel Rand al'Thor 6,933 2.2351%
Ch10: Leavetakings Rand al'Thor 4,048 1.3050%
Ch11: The Road to Taren Ferry Rand al'Thor 3,567 1.1499%
Ch12: Across the Taren Rand al'Thor 5,255 1.6941%
Ch13: Choices Rand al'Thor 7,308 2.3560%
Ch14: The Stag and Lion Rand al'Thor 5,890 1.8988%
Ch15: Strangers and Friends Rand al'Thor 9,061 2.9211%
Ch16: The Wisdom Rand al'Thor 4,246 1.3688%
Ch17: Watchers and Hunters Rand al'Thor 6,565 2.1164%
Ch18: The Caemlyn Road Rand al'Thor 5,529 1.7825%
Ch19: Shadow's Waiting Rand al'Thor 7,094 2.2870%
Ch20: Dust on the Wind Rand al'Thor 2,177 0.7018%
Perrin Aybara 1,469 0.4736%
Rand al'Thor 3,977 1.2821%
Ch21: Listen to the Wind Nynaeve al'Meara 5,127 1.6529%
Ch22: A Path Chosen Perrin Aybara 2,184 0.7041%
Ch23: Wolfbrother Perrin Aybara 5,822 1.8769%
Ch24: Flight Down the Arinelle Rand al'Thor 5,334 1.7196%
Ch25: The Traveling People Perrin Aybara 6,144 1.9807%
Ch26: Whitebridge Rand al'Thor 8,979 2.8947%
Ch27: Shelter From the Storm Perrin Aybara 4,918 1.5855%
Ch28: Footprints in the Air Nynaeve al'Meara 3,163 1.0197%
Ch29: Eyes Without Pity Perrin Aybara 6,184 1.9936%
Ch30: Children of Shadow Perrin Aybara 6,407 2.0655%
Ch31: Play for Your Supper Rand al'Thor 4,545 1.4652%
Ch32: Four Kings in Shadow Rand al'Thor 7,977 2.5716%
Ch33: The Dark Waits Rand al'Thor 10,410 3.3560%
Ch34: The Last Village Rand al'Thor 5,931 1.9120%
Ch35: Caemlyn Rand al'Thor 5,354 1.7260%
Ch36: Web of the Pattern Rand al'Thor 5,726 1.8460%
Ch37: The Long Chase Nynaeve al'Meara 3,239 1.0442%
Ch38: Rescue Perrin Aybara 5,934 1.9130%
Ch39: Weaving of the Web Rand al'Thor 4,472 1.4417%
Ch40: The Web Tightens Rand al'Thor 9,523 3.0700%
Ch41: Old Friends and New Threats Rand al'Thor 5,812 1.8737%
Ch42: Remembrance of Dreams Rand al'Thor 4,720 1.5216%
Ch43: Decisions and Apparitions Rand al'Thor 4,900 1.5797%
Ch44: The Dark Along the Ways Rand al'Thor 5,305 1.7102%
Ch45: What Follows in Shadow Rand al'Thor 5,563 1.7934%
Ch46: Fal Dara Rand al'Thor 6,748 2.1754%
Ch47: More Tales of the Wheel Rand al'Thor 5,169 1.6664%
Ch48: The Blight Rand al'Thor 4,586 1.4784%
Ch49: The Dark One Stirs Rand al'Thor 3,478 1.1212%
Ch50: Meetings at the Eye Rand al'Thor 4,544 1.4649%
Ch51: Against the Shadow Rand al'Thor 3,513 1.1325%
Ch52: Neither Beginning Nor End Rand al'Thor 3,878 1.2502%
Ch53: The Wheel Turns Rand al'Thor 3,204 1.0329%
Moiraine Damodred 124 0.0400%

Unique POV Breakdown Edit

Character # of POVs % of Total POVs (59) Word Count (310,191) % of Word Count
Lews Therin Telamon 1 1.6949% 2,362 0.7615%
Quote 1 1.6949% 254 0.0819%
Egwene al'Vere 1 1.6949% 10,044 3.2380%
Rand al'Thor 44 74.5763% 246,816 79.5690%
Perrin Aybara 8 13.5593% 39,062 12.5929%
Nynaeve al'Meara 3 5.0847% 11,529 3.7167%
Moiraine Damodred 1 1.6949% 124 0.0400%

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