"A flapping tongue can put you in the net instead of the fish."
   — One of the many sayings by Siuan Sanche.

External summary

<<<   Fanning the Sparks    >>>
Setting: Braem Wood, The Four Kings Road, and Caemlyn, Kore Springs
Point of view: Min

Elmindreda Farshaw, Siuan Sanche, and Leane Sharif are prisoners awaiting judgment for burning down a barn and stealing money. Min gives the name Sarenla which amuses the local lord, because it means "stubborn daughter" in the Old Tongue. Logain Ablar, their traveling companion was not captured. Leane adjusts her dress and uses Min's makeup to make herself more attractive in hopes she might be able to reduce whatever sentence is in store for them.

Gareth Bryne listens to the testimony from Admer Nem. Leane tries to charm Bryne while Min pleads for mercy and Siuan is defiant but silent. Bryne decides the three will work for him and requires an oath if they are to escape working in the fields where they will be watched closely. Min resolves to give a weak oath and then leave anyway until Siuan gives an oath as strong as possible to repay the costs.

Siuan still plans to escape, not scrub pots. She will do first what she must do, then do what she swore to do. Logain uses a sling to knock out Joni, their escort, and rescue them.

Point of view: Gareth Bryne

The lord - Gareth Bryne - passes sentence on them. They will have to work on his estate until the damage is compensated. When they are traveling to his manor, they are "rescued" by Logain Ablar. By fleeing, they break their oaths given before Bryne. Byrne collects his men to follow them. Just before departing he receives word that Callandor has been drawn from the Stone of Tear and that Elaida is now the Amyrlin. Siuan Sanche and Logain are reported as executed.

Point of view: Alteima

The High Lady Alteima arrives at the Royal Palace of Andor. She has fled Tear to get away from the High Lady Estanda and from Rand al'Thor. She hopes to find a rich old husband in Caemlyn and achieve power by befriending Morgase Trakand. During her audience with the Queen of Andor, though, Lord Gaebril (Rahvin) sends Morgase away and uses compulsion to make Alteima tell him everything about Rand al'Thor and Tear.

Point of view: Morgase Trakand

After being sent away by Rahvin, Morgase returns to her room. During this time it is obvious her mind tries to combat Rahvin's Compulsion on her, but without success.







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