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The Fires of Heaven/Chapter 12

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"You'll find out how tough you are if we reach Ebou Dar. They've taverns there where the barmaids skin Illianers for dinner and spit Whitecloaks for sport."
   — Gareth Bryne to his soldiers

External summary

<<<   An Old Pipe    >>>
Setting: Lugard, Murandy

Point of view: Gareth Bryne

Gareth Bryne and his ex-soldiers are still following Siuan Sanche, Leane Sharif and Min Farshaw. He has reached Lugard where they pick up the trail again. Even though it doesn't seem to be worth traveling so far to catch them, Gareth will not stop. Gareth tells his men a story of how Siuan and Elaida had Morgase order him to move guards back from the Murandian border some years ago but he never found out why.





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