"A fool puts her hand into a hollow tree without finding out what's inside first"
   — Saying by Lini
For the town in Amadicia, see Sienda.

External summary

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Setting: Sienda, Amadicia

Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Nynaeve and Elayne are traveling in a coach driven by Thom, with Juilin as the coachman. Nynaeve is upset about playing the role of maid and tries to make Elayne's life miserable in return. They are traveling east through Amadicia and yesterday went past the capital city, Amador. Elayne finally tells her to stop sulking which Nynaeve does to some extent. The coach stops when the horses are frightened by boar horses from a menagerie. Valan Luca comes over to apologize and also begins to flirt with Elayne.

Luca tries to talk them into a performance then finally admits they are broke due to unforeseen happenings in a nearby town. Elayne won't take the time to see the show but asks Nynaeve to help him out with some of their money. Nynaeve gives Luca the smallest coin she can and has Thom drive off, leaving a fuming Luca in the road.

They reach the town of Sienda and find one inn has had the sign torn down and a hole in the door. The other inn has many soldiers and Whitecloaks in the common room but they need to stay there for the night. Tonight Nynaeve is going to meet Egwene in tel'aran'rhiod so she begins getting ready for bed early. Elayne asks Nynaeve to pass a message to Rand that she loves him, only him.