"At my age, if I make it up, it's still an old saying."
   — Lini Eltring

External summary

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Setting: Royal Palace of Andor, Caemlyn, White Tower

Point of view: Morgase Trakand

Tallanvor—the last loyal officer of the guard—tells Queen Morgase about the rumors of the rebellion in the Two Rivers. When Morgase tries to discuss this with Lord Gaebril, he uses Compulsion to send her away. Confused, she wanders to Lini, her old nurse, where she learns how wrongly she treated old allies and friends over the last months and that there is only Tallanvor of the old loyal guard left. She decides to leave Caemlyn and try to regain her power from the outside. Tallanvor, Lini, Basel Gill—the innkeeper of The Queen's BlessingLamgwin, and Breane accompany her.

Point of view: Padan Fain

Padan Fain goes to the lockroom in the White Tower for his dagger and the Horn of Valere. He kills an Accepted that surprises him. Alviarin Freidhen of the Black Ajah lets him escape with the dagger, but without the Horn of Valere.