"If any man takes a penny more than the fifth, or a loaf of bread without payment, if he burns so much as a hut because it belongs to a treekiller, or kills a man who is not trying to kill him, that man will I hang, whoever he is."
   — Rand to the Aiel Clan Chiefs.
For the Aiel custom after battle, see Fifth.

External summary

<<<   "The Fifth, I Give You"    >>>
Setting: Jangai Pass, Cairhien

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene watches as the Aiel spread out after their four day journey through the Jangai Pass. Kadere and his wagons begin traveling down the road that carried trade through the pass before the Aiel War. Moiraine and Lan accompany the wagons, keeping an eye on them because they carry many ter'angreal from Rhuidean. Adelin and some other Maidens are carrying dolls as punishment for their failure to guard Rand properly four nights ago. Couladin had also sacked Selean and killed everyone the same as he did at Taien.

Egwene observes as Rand tells the Aiel clan chiefs that they are not to loot or kill without having a reason. He wants to protect Cairhien from the Shaido, not lead another invading force. He will allow them to take the traditional fifth in loot from those conquered, but not more and no food.

She dismounts to walk with Aviendha for a while. Aviendha is distraught over sleeping in the same tent as Rand and asks Egwene to intercede with the Wise Ones for her. Sorilea overhears though and makes sure both women know they are to do what they have been told to do. Egwene and Aviendha decide not to talk to the Wise Ones.