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Setting: Cairhien

Point of view: Hadnan Kadere

Kadere is reflecting on his past and his current plans and orders. He received a cryptic note which appears to have been written by an Aiel, and probably a woman.[1] He worries since he is following Lanfear's orders and it could be another Forsaken controlling whoever gave him the note. Isendre enters the wagon, still swathed in black robes as punishment for theft from the Aiel. She has been spending many nights in Natael's tents, trying to get information to pass to Lanfear. Kadere still wants her to find a way into Rand's bed, but she has not succeeded. She tried again that night and the Maidens shaved her head and whipped her with nettles so that she itches terribly. They told her they would make her wear the nettles the next time she tried.

She believes, incorrectly, that Aviendha is sharing Rand's bed and tells Kadere. Kadere is sorry her spirit has broken, which means he must kill her since she is of no more use and might betray him. He uses a kerchief to strangle her, just as he killed his sister Teodora when she discovered he was a Darkfriend. He then sets about dismembering her corpse.






  1. It is later revealed that it came from Melindhra.