External summary

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Setting: Cairhien, Eianrod

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is enjoying some peace and quiet for a while and avoiding Moiraine, who is trying to spend all of her time teaching him. Some riders arrive, escorted by Aiel. They are nobles from Tear and Cairhien. The Shaido are attacking the city of Cairhien but had not taken it as of a few days ago. Rhuarc says the Aiel with Rand can get there to relieve the city in seven days. The young nobles from the city believe Cairhien can hold out that long, but not much longer. A few of the nobles are tasked with riding back as fast as they can to let the city know help is coming.

Edorion suggests making a bet with Rand that the Aiel can't reach the city in time. Rand is surprised to learn he has money available for a large bet due to his being accounted a chief and receiving a part of the fifth of loot from Tear. Rhuarc suggests sending out scouts and again Rand avoids including Maidens, choosing only male societies.