"I can hardly believe that you actually came hunting me. Did you really believe that because once you were lucky enough to catch me off guard, you might be my equal?"
   — Moghedien to Nynaeve

External summary

<<<   A Silver Arrow    >>>
Setting: Amadicia, Ghealdan border, Tel'aran'rhiod

Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Elayne cooked supper, a very fancy meal all things considered. Nynaeve finds it tasty. When Nynaeve cooks Thom and Juilin eat somewhere else, which Nynaeve doesn't understand. Luca is there also, flirting with Nynaeve. Nynaeve is planning to go into Tel'aran'rhiod tonight. Elayne wants to go instead, but Nynaeve insists she will go, which lets her avoid the meetings with Egwene and the Wise Ones.

Birgitte meets her and says she has found Moghedien. She will take Nynaeve to see her, but warns that there are other Forsaken there also, so she must not take any action. Birgitte moves them so they can see Moghedien, who is watching a meeting between Graendal, Lanfear, Rahvin, and Sammael. They are discussing getting Rand to attack Sammael while the other three link so they can overpower him. They move away from the meeting and are discussing what they heard when Moghedien interrupts their discussion and sends Birgitte flying through the air. When Nynaeve tries to channel she finds herself shielded.

Moghedien hangs Nynaeve in the air bent backward almost double and begins to taunt her. Moghedien is preparing to use Compulsion so Nynaeve will shield Elayne and bring her to where Moghedien waits. Birgitte's arrow hits Moghedien through the chest. Moghedien attacks Birgitte and she disappears, leaving her bow and arrows behind. Nynaeve is grief stricken over what she has caused to happen to Birgitte.

Point of view: Liandrin

Liandrin is with Chesmal and Temaile when a bloody Moghedien staggers in to the room asking for Healing. Liandrin realizes that Moghedien is weakened from the wound and the effects of healing and decides it is time to strike. Moghedien blocks her attempt, shields her and teaches her a lesson she will never forget. She ties off the shield in a very complex way so that Liandrin will not be able to channel for a long time. Chesmal and Temaile are ordered to find the menagerie where Nynaeve is hiding out.