"Even a queen stubs a toe, but a wise woman watches the path."
   — Lini Eltring

External summary

<<<   Ripped Away    >>>
Setting: Amadicia, near Samara

Point of view: Elayne Trakand

A tired Elayne tries to stay awake to watch Nynaeve while she is in tel'aran'rhiod. After two hours of watching, Nynaeve is crying and whimpering while still sleeping. Nynaeve wakes and moans that she killed "her" but doesn't say who she killed. Thom pounds on the door and when Elyane opens it, he enters carrying a naked woman who had just suddenly appeared outside the wagon. Nynaeve channels healing flows into Birgitte but they have no effect. Something is wrong with her but it is not something that can be healed. Elayne thinks of something she can try, so she channels the flows of a Warder bond to Birgitte. Elayne then asks Nynaeve what happened in tel'aran'rhiod.

Nynaeve explains the encounter with Moghedien that resulted in Nynaeve being captured and tortured, Birgitte wounding Moghedien, then disappearing. They debate how much danger they are in since Moghedien knows they are with a menagerie. Nynaeve would like to leave but Elayne believes that with so many other menageries around it will take time before they could be found. Nynaeve is remorseful and leaves the wagon to take a walk.






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