"What I am flaming trying to do is to take you where we can flaming well talk without you being torn to flaming bits by flaming folk trying to kiss your flaming hem when they find out you flaming know the Lord Dragon."
   — Uno to Nynaeve as he guides her away from the menagerie

External summary

<<<   An Old Acquaintance    >>>
Setting: Samara

Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Nynaeve finally catches up to Uno while he watches the s'redit Cerandin has performing for the crowds. He finally recognizes her from Fal Dara and Toman Head and they move outside the menagerie area to talk. He plans to take her to see Masema, to help her out of whatever situation she is in that has her performing at the menagerie. He stumbles as he walks when he finds out the tightrope walker he just saw was Elayne. Nynaeve mentions they would like to find a boat to take down the river and he expects Masema can make that happen one way or another. Uno informs her that Masema is the Prophet for the Dragon Reborn.