"The Lord Dragon has broken all bonds of law, all bonds made by mortal men and women. The Prophecies say that the Lord Dragon will break all chains that bind, and it is so. The Lord Dragon's radiance will protect us against the Shadow."
   — The Prophet of the Lord Dragon, Masema

External summary

<<<   Encounters in Samara    >>>
Setting: Samara

Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Nynaeve and Uno enter Samara on their way to visit the Prophet, Masema. Ragan joins them as they near the back entrance to Masema's residence. Ragan and Uno disarm before going inside. Nynaeve has to wait while Masema meets with a noblewoman. The noblewoman eventually strips off all her jewelry and leaves it as a donation to the Prophet. Masema sounds quite fanatical with a hint of madness in his eyes and voice. When Masema is informed that Nynaeve knew the Lord Dragon when he was young, he fervently wishes her to speak to the crowds. She states that she must head downriver so she can meet the Lord Dragon in Tear. She asks to be informed if a boat becomes available and Masema agrees. He also tells Uno and Ragan to keep her safe until a boat can be found.

As they head back through town, Nynaeve asks who the woman was that gave Masema all of her jewelry. Uno tells her it was Alliandre, the current Queen of Ghealdan. Alliandre is the fourth ruler since Masema came to Ghealdan and the first to accommodate the Prophet. Uno says they are being followed by a Whitecloak. Nynaeve wishes to see his face so they turn a corner and she recognizes Galad.