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"Her? You think I --? Believe me, Aviendha, if she were the last woman on earth, I'd still stay as far from her as I could run."
   — Rand to Aviendha about Isendre

External summary

<<<   Twilight    >>>
Setting: Rhuidean

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand enters the Roof of the Maidens, the only male allowed inside one except gai'shain. Rand would like to get away from the mothering he receives from the Maidens, but can't think of a good excuse to use. He heads to his bedroom on an upper floor so he can get some sleep. Aviendha enters the room with her arms full of blankets to help Rand keep warm during the cold nights. She is wearing a silver necklace and Rand would like to know who gave it to her. Aviendha has spent the last ten days away from Rand, training to be a Wise One. Since Rand admitted the bracelet he gave her was not a regard gift, she has come to give him a non-regard gift in return, so they are even. The gift is a belt buckle with a Dragon design. This was made from the metal in Aviendha's weapons that had to be melted down. Aviendha tells Rand that she has to give gifts to the three men and three women she hates the most and that he is one of the men.

Isendre sways into the room in a with a tray with wine and cups. She is dressed only in jewelry except for a veil, as punishment for stealing the jewelry. Aviendha is furious with her and refuses to let Rand intervene. Even though Isendre and Kadere are Darkfriends Rand can not let that be found out since it would end the training he is receiving from Jasin Natael. Aviendha says Isendre has tried seven times to reach him and been switched each time and that she would be doing that without some encouragement from him. He falls asleep dreaming of Elayne, Min and Aviendha.






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