"The light is just fine. I might try it blindfolded. This lot will want it to look difficult, I think."
   — Birgitte to Nynaeve before her archery performance with Nynaeve as the target
For the chapter with the same title in The Great Hunt, see The Great Hunt/Chapter 34.

External summary

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Setting: Samara

Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Nynaeve ducks into an alley with Uno and Ragan, hoping to avoid Galad who was following her. Galad finds her though and faces down Uno and Ragan. Nynaeve agrees to let him approach so they can talk. As she asks questions he mentions Salidar and Nynaeve suddenly remembers that that is the name of the village where the Rebel Aes Sedai are gathering. Galad offers to find a ship for her even though she didn't ask. Nynaeve finally decides to trust Galad will not betray them to the Whitecloaks (but only because they are not currently in Amadicia, where channelers are outlawed). He believes Nynaeve promised they would head to Caemlyn, but she avoided making any promises on where they would go. Galad asks after Egwene, but Nynaeve will only say that she is far from Ghealdan.

Galad leaves and the others head back to the menagerie with Nynaeve pondering what to do with Uno and Ragan. They agree to go with her and Elayne, bringing the rest of the Shienarans that aren't committed to Masema. Elayne and Birgitte join her and let her know she caused a lot of worry, leaving without telling anyone where or why. Nynaeve relates the events from the town until they stop at the place where she and Birgitte will perform. Nynaeve is still apprehensive over being a human target. Birgitte bullies her into taking her place at one end of the green. Suddenly the arrows start arriving, outlining her body. Nynaeve's screams rise higher and higher with each one.