"The louder a man tells you he's honest, the harder you must hold on to your purse."
   —Saying in the Two Rivers

External summary

<<<   After the Storm    >>>
Setting: Cairhien

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat is bruised and wounded from the fighting and tired from lack of sleep. He is still pondering how he managed to get in to so many battles when he was trying to avoid them completely. A drunken victory celebration is going on around him. Mat regrets teaching the men a song from his memories because they won't stop singing Dance with Jak o' the Shadows. Just as he is considering getting away, Melindhra shows up, greeting him as a hero. She is proud of him for seeking out and killing Couladin, although of course Mat did not do any seeking out.

Nalesean and Talmanes come over to encourage him to get the accolades they deserve for defeating Couladin. They regard Mat as their leader, which he tries to avoid but fails. They start competing with each other on who can assist Mat the most.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand awakes in his tent after being healed by Moiraine. Aviendha is sitting nearby and Natael is there also. A large force of Shaido escaped to the north and destroyed the bridges to prevent pursuit. The Tairen lords are in charge of the city and attempted to visit Rand while he was resting. They were sent away, very angry that they did not get to meet with Rand. Rand finally sends Natael off to get his horse so he can make his entrance into Cairhien sooner than expected and hopefully take them by surprise.









The louder a man tells you he's honest, the harder you must hold on to your purse. -Saying in the Two Rivers

The fox often offers to give the duck its pond. -Saying in the Two Rivers