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"I am gai'shain. Before and after are not now, and only now exists."
   — Cowinde to Egwene

External summary

<<<   Among the Wise Ones    >>>
Setting: Rhuidean

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

The Wise Ones, Bair, Amys and Melaine request Egwene to come to their sweat tent. Aviendha is busy keeping the tent steaming. Moiraine and the Wise Ones are discussing Rand's plan to move the Aiel in to the West lands, to bring the nations under his control before the Last Battle. Moiraine fears it will have the opposite effect and create chaos just before the Last Battle.

More Tinkers have entered the Waste than usual and some Aiel are joining them to practice the Way of the Leaf. The Wise Ones are considering whether Aviendha should sleep in the same room as Rand, an idea Aviendha strongly protests against. Amys wishes Egwene to find Elayne's and Nynaeve's dreams which will allow her to communicate with them. Melaine asks Amys and Bair to approach Dorindha about becoming her sister-wife.

Aviendha asks Egwene if someone from her land could accept a sister-wife. Egwene doesn't think so, but tells Aviendha, perhaps if they are friends. Aviendha is torn, having fallen in love with Rand but also promising to watch him for Elayne. When they go outside they are told to run around the camp fifty times for their earlier transgressions. As they run they compare notes and find that the Wise Ones are using each of them as comparisons to the other for motivation.






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