External summary

<<<   The Death of Adrin    >>>
Setting: Lord Tellaen's manor in Arad Doman


Point of view: Aviendha

Aviendha is working on shifting rocks in the river outside Rand's mansion as punishment for her unknown offense. She observes the Maidens using handtalk to discuss the foolishness of Rand leaving to see Rodel Ituralde to ensure his loyalty without a Maiden escort. She is not a Maiden any longer, so she continues working, opting not to intrude on the Maidens further. Coming back to the house, she overhears a guard commenting on his fellow soldier looking sick. Before their eyes, black ooze starts boiling out of his head. It appears a bubble of evil has appeared and is incinerating the entrance to the house with intense heat. Aviendha weaves air and water, attempting to put out the fire, but finds her weaves dissolving and wavering before having any effect. She then channels the river itself to put out the fire, helped by Naeff, an Asha'man. She dismisses this as an attack, claiming this is something far worse. After the fire has been put out and Rand has cursed the Dark One, she is observed by two Aes Sedai who expresses pity for not having Aviendha in the Tower. They call her weaves rough. Melaine joins Aviendha, calling the comments from the Aes Sedai rubbish. Melaine is far stronger in the power than most Sisters, and Aviendha far surpasses Melaine. Aviendha is puzzled at the praise. She does not understand where her punishments come from.





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