External summary

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Setting: The White Tower in Tar Valon


Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene continues her efforts to unite the Aes Sedai. She wonders where Gawyn is, but then puts the thought aside. She is given several lessons from sisters in the application of logic. She visits the quarters of Bennae Nalsad, who asks Egwene's advice in dealing with a hypothetical problem in which a Sister is under scrutiny from one's own Ajah. Egwene quickly realizes this is due to Bennae having asked questions regarding the Thirteenth Depository. She aptly solves the problem, and in the process calls Bennae Nalsad by her name without getting punished. She also meets with Nagora and Suana Dragand who is a Sitter. She encourages Suana as a Sitter to try to ease tensions between the Ajahs by eating with others or just being seen together.

Amazed at her success, she continues to her meeting with Meidani, and quickly wins her over. It is apparent that something is preventing Meidani from telling Egwene why she hasn't fled the Tower, being part of the Rebel faction. It appears that somehow her oaths are preventing her from speaking. Egwene decides to circumvent this oath, and orders Meidani to show her what the cause is. She quickly teaches Traveling to Meidani after her promise not to teach anyone else. They use a Gateway to get them both to the basements of the White Tower. Once there, they arrive in a room wherein Seaine, Doesine, Yukiri, and Saerin are meeting. They are shocked to see Egwene. It is soon revealed that they are hunting the Black Ajah. They are naturally reluctant to speak to Egwene, but are soon won over, at least partially, admitting that Elaida is not a legitimate Amyrlin, having been raised with the help of Black sisters. Egwene urges their help in uniting the tower, telling them the best thing they can do is merely to be seen talking to Sisters of other Ajahs. Meidani admits, once they leave, that Egwene truly is the Amyrlin Seat.