For other chapters with "Departure" in the title, see Departure.

External summary

<<<   An Offer and a Departure    >>>
Setting: Dorlan


Point of view: Gawyn Trakand

Gawyn is sparring against Sleete and Marlesh in a barn in the village of Dorlan, beating both of them three times running. The two warders are so impressed with his skill with a sword, that they say he needs to get a heron marked blade, so that people will know what they're up against. Killing Hammar, after all, made Gawyn a blademaster, even if he didn't claim the blade. Sleete, a man of few words, offers Gawyn a spot as a second Warder for his charge, Hattori. Gawyn considers the offer for a moment, but declines. Egwene will be the only one he allows to take his bond.

Upon returning to the village he notes that a meeting of some of the Aes Sedai is taking place and decides to find out what he can. He takes over guard duty on the second floor, then decides to attend the meeting as a troop commander but is refused entry. After the meeting ends he overhears Katerine Alruddin mentioning that the rebel Amyrlin, Egwene, has been captured. Katerine arrived by travelling and has taught the Aes Sedai in Dorlan the weaves so they can use it to raid the Rebels. Upon hearing that Egwene might be subject to torture in the tower, even stilling or execution, Gawyn gathers his things and decides to leave for the camp of Gareth Bryne, intent on mounting a rescue. Sleete deduces his plan but just watches him leave, and does not try to stop him.





Sword FormsEdit

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