External summary

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Setting: Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar


Point of view: Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag

Tuon is overseeing her forces in Ebou Dar. She considers how this is but one little part of the world, with the Seanchan continent in shambles and civil war. The world is in chaos. Suroth's betrayal shocks her. That the leader of the Corenne itself could be a traitor, is incredible. Tuon is taking audiences from her retainers and other Seanchan nobles. Captain-General Lunal Galgan is the highest among them. She announces Selucia as her Truthspeaker, and orders it to be known throughout the Empire. King Beslan Mitsobar of Altara is admitted into the room, and is given a choice. He must either swear as a loyal subject to the Seanchan empire, or face execution. He swears the oaths, and is promised rule over his people, unhindered by the empire. Altara will be the permanent seat of the Empire in the westlands. He asks if Tuon is ta'veren, as he certainly didn't expect to swear allegiance to her when he came in.

Galgan shows Tuon the Dragon Banner, and Rand's request for a meeting. Tuon is convinced the Seanchan is needed on this side of the Ocean, stating the need for the Dragon to bow before the Crystal Throne. It is no coincidence that the return happened now of all times. Galgan continues, informing Tuon of one of their more ambitious plans, an attack on the White Tower. They are determined to capture marath'damane in order to learn Traveling. Raken and to'raken will be used to stage an aerial assault on Tar Valon. Several hundred channelers is too tempting a prize to pass up, despite the limitations the Three Oaths provide. Between eighty and one hundred to'raken will be used to carry around two hundred men and fifty sul'dam with damane to Tar Valon. Some Bloodknives will be included since the Bloodknives will not return, being left behind to murder marath'damane. Before approving the raid, General Tylee Khirgan enters, and is allowed to speak. She gives the story of how her forces were attacked by Trollocs, and Trolloc heads are shown to the court. Khirgan was attacked not ten miles from Ebou Dar. Tuon finally realizes Shadowspawn are more than superstition after all and that Matrim told her the truth. Tuon is told about the battle against the Shaido, and the joint campaign with Perrin's forces. Khirgan states that the people on this side of the ocean might be better allies than subjects. It is a bold statement. Tuon agrees to the meeting with Rand and approves the raid on Tar Valon.