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"You truly saw what a person was made of, in more ways than one, when you began to slice into them."

External summary

<<<   The Last That Could Be Done    >>>
Setting: Lord Tellaen's manor in Arad Doman, Blight in Saldaea


Point of view: Semirhage As a master of torture, Semirhage considers torture an art form as well as a scientific pursuit. She was psychologically ready to accept the pain that the Aes Sedai would inflict on her while in captivity. How humiliated she was when the woman in the paralis-net, Cadsuane Melaidhrin, placed her across her knees, and spanked her on her bottom, instead. Semirhage does not understand how these childlike Aes Sedai women suddenly transformed from being frightened by a Forsaken in their midst to regarding her like a child. She is furious that they are not treating her with the respect she deserves.

Alone in her dark room, Semirhage is plotting the torture she would administer to Cadsuane, when Shaidar Haran suddenly appears. After listing all of her failures, Shaidar Haran tells her that the Dark One is giving her one more chance. She feels the return of saidar as her shield is broken. As she walks outside of her cell, she sees the bodies of the three Aes Sedai who were maintaining her shield on the ground. An additional Aes Sedai, Elza Penfell, is prostrating herself before her, revealing herself to be Black Ajah. She relays orders to Semirhage that the Compulsion placed on her was to be removed. In addition, she proffers Semirhage the Domination Band.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor









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