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Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp near Tar Valon


Point of view: Gawyn Trakand

Gawyn Trakand arrives at the camp of rebel Aes Sedai camp, exhausted from sleeping only a couple of hours a night the last two nights. He spots Gareth Bryne's command post and heads that way. As he moves through the camp he encounters a woman with an Aes Sedai face who runs away from him. The guards at the gate believe he is a recruit and try to direct him away. Gawyn announces his name and demands to be shown to Bryne but is refused. Gawyn decides to force his way in and fights the guards, knocking out one and wounding two others. When bowmen arrive Gawyn tosses down his sword and again demands to see Bryne. Bryne arrives and sizes up the situation and dresses down the guard sergeant for not sending for him. He expects curtesy and respect from Bryne but doesn't get it after his actions. Gawyn continues to be demanding and Bryne doesn't put up with it. Gawyn finally admits to being a fool and they become more cordial with each other.

Gawyn explains he wishes aid in rescuing Egwene from the White Tower. Bryne tells him that even if he came up with a way to get to her she wouldn't leave. All Bryne can do is promise to introduce Gawyn to some of the Aes Sedai that are communicating with Egwene. Gawyn mentions the Aes Sedai he say in the camp so Bryne asks Gawyn to show him. Bryne lets him know that Elayne now has the Lion Throne and is fixing up the mess left by Morgase. Gawyn doesn't believe Bryne about the actions Morgase was taking when Gaebril was in Caemlyn. Gawyn blames Rand for his mother's death. Bryne tries to convince him otherwise but Gawyn will not be swayed from his belief.

They spot the Aes Sedai and approach her. The Aes Sedai is Shemerin who was demoted to Accepted by Elaida. She fled the White Tower is now working as a wash woman. Bryne takes Gawyn and Shemerin to the Aes Sedai camp.





Sword FormsEdit

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