External summary

<<<   The Tipsy Gelding    >>>
Setting: Hinderstap


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat, Talmanes, Thom Merrilin and a few of the band go into town to resupply. They have to take the Aes Sedai with them, which does not please them much. Once the mayor informs them they need to be gone by sunset, they refuse to believe it. Thom is still re-reading his letter from Moiraine, to remind Mat they need to rescue her. Mat plans to help but the Band has to be somewhere safe and they need supplies and information before entering the Tower of Ghenjei.

They enter the town and Mat notices many of the villagers have clothes that have been mended often. The Mayor, Barlden, meets them at the town entrance and tells them they must leave by sunset. The Aes Sedai argue that the rules should not apply to them. Mat silently curses as the dice start rattling in his head again. Mat locates a local tavern called the Tipsy Gelding and brings in several pouches filled with coins.

Mat begins betting his gold against the patrons silver and loses, then loses more and then more again. Finally the Mayor enters and Mat makes sure he sees more gold coins lost. Mat then has his soldiers bring in his chest of gold and talks the Mayor into betting food to supply the Band. While they gather the supplies, the sun is setting quick. The Mayor is afraid of being cheated and wants to throw the dice himself and use the dice Mat has been losing with. As the sun sets Mat decides he will stay and the dice stop. An errand boy reports to the Mayor that the Aes Sedai are still bathing despite the late hour. Mat believes the coin he lost earlier covers the cost of the food he expects to win. The mayor throws a winning throw for Mat. The villagers all enter the inn, leaving the streets eerily quiet so Mat At that moment the sun sets and screaming begins.