External summary

<<<   Night in Hinderstap    >>>
Setting: Hinderstap


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Talmanes is upset with Mat because they have to kill the residents of Hinderstap because they didn't leave before dark. Some residents attack Mat and the Redarms while others turn on their fellows. They are unarmed and mostly just use their hands. They finally have to abandon the chest of gold and the cart of provisions to escape the mob. They set off to find Thom and the Aes Sedai. Delarn is dismounted and Mat turns back to rescue him. Thom appears and helps Mat so they can head toward the Aes Sedai. When they near the inn they see the Aes Sedai channeling fireballs.

Inside the inn Mat is almost roasted by the Aes Sedai before they recognize him. Mat has to convince Joline that leaving is the best thing to do but she insists on bringing two serving girls that are tied up. Edesina heals Delarn while everyone gets mounted up to leave. The group waits on a hillside above the town hoping that dawn will clarify what was happening. Thom has a drawing he took from a drunk which is an image of Mat. The drunk got it from a woman in another village who is offering a reward for Mat's whereabouts. Suddenly Fen Mizar grunts when the serving women he was guarding suddenly disappeared.

Mat and Thom return to the town and notice lights coming on in some of the buildings and some shepherds out in the fields. When they reach town they are not attacked and some of the men that were dead are alive again. At one of the battle sites the bodies are gone, even the blood is gone. Barlden the mayor explains to Mat that this has happened every night for months only they don't remember what happens. They just see the effects when they wake up in the morning. The mayor doesn't want help from the Aes Sedai but just to be left alone. Barlden tells Mat the pictures come from the town of Trustair. Another picture shows a burly man with a beard and notes he has golden eyes. Thom figures there is a snag in the Pattern which then resets each morning. Thom drives the wagon and the group returns to the Band with the next destination, Trustair.






Sword FormsEdit

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