For the similarly named chapter in Towers of Midnight, see Return to Bandar Eban.

External summary

<<<   Into Bandar Eban    >>>
Setting: Bandar Eban


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand rides through a gateway into Bandar Eban while reciting the list of the women who died for him, starting with Moiraine. A large contingent of Aiel come with him along with the Aes Sedai. Dobraine Taborwin meets him with word that one of the merchant council, Milisair Chadmar has been apprehended. There are Sea Folk rakers in the harbor that were tasked with bringing grain to the city to mitigate the starvation that had set in. He has the Access key ter'angreal with him now and isn't sure if Cadsuane knows that or not. Since she is forbidden to show her face to Rand, he really doesn't care if she knows or not. Merise rides near him and complains about his exile of Cadsuane but he just looks at her rather than replying, giving her no leverage to continue her arguments.

Rand wonders where Aviendha went but through the bond he knows she is very far away to the east, probably in the Waste. He meets Rhuarc inside the mansion belonging to Milisair and grants the Aiel the right to the fifth, but only from the rich district of the city. He orders Dobraine to go to Tear and encourage Darlin Sisnera to continue to gather forces even though they are not going to be brought to Bandar Eban yet. He has Milisair brought to his new audience chamber and asks when she last had contact with the missing King Alsalam Saeed Almadar. Rand asks to speak with the messenger that brought her word from the king and finds she has put him to the question and locked him away. He orders the messenger brought to him and dismisses her. He starts to work with the Aiel on grain distribution plans while hoping he can find a clue to where Graendal is.