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<<<   The Ways of Honor    >>>
Setting: Lord Tellaen's manor in Arad Doman


Point of view: Aviendha
Aviendha, Rhuarc and other Aiel are in Arad Doman, observing refugees, bedazzled over how wetlanders are never aware of their surroundings. She is confident that cities are the cause of this unawareness. She wonders what honor exists for her now. Neither a Maiden of the Spear any more, nor a Wise One yet. Rhuarc is afraid that these refugees are the ghosts of the past they have been hearing about. Aviendha assures him they are not. She thinks about Rand, intent on marrying him along with Elayne as was proper according to Aiel ways, but not until she was ready according to ji'e'toh. She is mystified as to why the other Wise Ones are giving her punishments, but accepts it. The Wise Ones speculates whether the amount of refugees is due to Seanchan raids along the coast. Rhuarc is reminded to take Bandar Eban, but does not like not being able to claim the fifth, and wonders if they are to act as law enforcement. Amys assigns more punishment to Aviendha for assuming to be a Wise One. They depart for the manor house used by the Dragon Reborn, expecting to rendezvous with the Goshien, among others. Avhienda is asked about Rand, Elayne, and Min. She is worried that Rand has not learned that strength is possible without hardness. Min's viewings are discussed. Aviendha is handed a sack of black, white, and brown seeds, ordered to count each one, and warned that the wrong count would repeat the punishment. She considered the punishment useless and humiliating, reserved for the honorless. She wonders what she has done. She must have done something horrific to be given this sort of penance.





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