"There are two groups of people you should never trust. The first are pretty women. The second are Aes Sedai. Light help you, son, if you ever have to face someone who is both."
   — Taringail Damodred to his young son Galadedrid Damodred

External summary

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Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp near Tar Valon


Point of view: Gawyn Trakand

Gawyn is petitioning the Aes Sedai to rescue Egwene from the White Tower despite the Amyrlin's orders to do no such thing. He doesn't understand how the Aes Sedai communicate with Egwene and they won't tell him. Lelaine sort of promises to bring the petition to the Hall of the Tower, some time, if she can find a new argument that might work. Lelaine then questions Gawyn on policies that Elayne might implement now that she is the queen of Andor. Gawyn leaves extremely dissatisfied due to his lack of progress.

He rides out of the camp to meet with Gareth Bryne which they arranged to do before his meeting with Lelaine. Bryne tries to question him about the Younglings but Gawyn refuses to divulge any information that would be a betrayal of his former command. Gawyn plans to rescue Egwene and take her to Andor. Bryne questions how he will succeed if she won't go and what kind of a man is he if he would use force.





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