For the anthology of short stories by famous fantasy authors, see Legends.

External summary

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Setting: outside Trustair


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat studies the maps of the area around Trustair, and plans a rescue in case of an emergency. Thom is to have several soldiers as 'apprentices' during the trip into the town, and Mat helps them fabricate overly elaborate stories. They soon head out into the camp and Mat goes to check on Aludra. Egeanin and Bayle are with her, with Bayle acting as Egeanin's bodyguard. He asks after the dragons, and they discuss the supply requirements. The numbers are staggering, and Mat himself couldn't afford them, though he hopes that Rand will be able to help him. After some debating, Olver arrives, saying that someone is in the camp, and that Mat needs to come with him. After a few questions, Mat follows Olver and discovers that the newcomers are Verin and her warder, Tomas. Mat surmises that she has the knowledge of Traveling, and she admits that she does. They head off to discuss the terms of transporting them to Andor.