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External summary

<<<   A Force of Light    >>>
Setting: Bandar Eban, Natrin's Barrow


Setting: Bandar Eban

Point of view: Min Farshaw

Rand al'Thor prepares to confront Graendal and sends for Ramshalan and Nynaeve to accompany him. He weaves a Gateway to the ancient Palace Natrin's Barrow and sends Ramshalan through to offer Graendal an alliance and be back with her answer as quick as possible.

Setting: Natrin's Barrow

Point of view: Min Farshaw

Rand, Min and Nynaeve wait in view of Natrin's Barrow until Ramshalan returns, under strong compulsion. Rand then channels Balefire to destroy the entire palace and population of Natrin's Barrow. His confirmation that Graendal is dead is by letting Nynaeve check that the compulsion weave is gone.

Setting: Bandar Eban

Point of view: Min Farshaw

Back in Bandar Eban Min and Nynaeve decide to inform Cadsuane what just happened and ask what Cadsuanes plans for Rand in the future. Cadsuane does not agree to anything but orders Nynaeve as a first step to go looking for Perrin and bring him to Rand.








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