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External summary

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Setting: grassland of Maredo, Stone of Tear


Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Rand and Nynaeve are riding in Maredo. She is arguing that Tarwin's Gap gap would be the best place for an assault but Rand wants to strike at Shayol Ghul and use Lan as a distraction. She fails to change Rand's mind so focuses on the task set her by Cadsuane, to find out where Perrin is. From her questioning, Rand knows something, but won't divulge where Perrin is or how he communicates except to say they are linked.

They approach a crossroads where Rand will meet with a representative of the Borderlanders to arrange a formal meeting. Rand allows the Borderlanders to bring no more than four channelers and brings the same number himself. Instead of a delegation, only Hurin waits to give Rand the message. Rand uses the source to lift Hurin off the ground and interrogates him to insure he is not an imposter. Hurin tells Rand the meeting is to take place in Far Madding, where Rand will be unable to channel. Rand immediately makes a gateway and the group including Hurin go through. Rand then makes another gateway and again they travel through, coming out near Far Madding. The massive Borderlander army is camped around the city. Rand declares that he will not put himself into a 'box' again. He pulls out the access key to the Choedan Kal and considers using it on the army to let them know he is command. Nynaeve is able to convince him to stop before he attacks.

He gives a message to Hurin to pass on to the Borderlander leaders. The Last Battle approaches and Rand will provide free transportation if they return to their lands. Otherwise they can stay here and not take part. They return to Tear where Rand tells her that Perrin is camped near a large statue shaped like a sword stabbing the earth. Nynaeve returns to the keep to pass on the information about Perrin to Cadsuane. Before she makes the disclosure she demands to be told what Cadsuane wants with Perrin. Cadsuane tells Nynaeve that she isn't looking for Perrin, but for someone that is traveling with him.