External summary

<<<   The Tower Stands    >>>
Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp near Tar Valon, Darein


Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

As she walks through the Rebel Aes Sedai camp, Egwene wears a red dress to emphasize that she does not harbor any ill will toward the Red Ajah despite what they did to her when she was in the White Tower. The executions of the Black Ajah Aes Sedai has just been completed. Bryne is readying the army for an immediate assault on the White Tower. There were fifty executions, but twenty sisters on Verin's list escaped, somehow finding out they were being hunted. Lelaine reports that Bryne is ready. Romanda reports that no word has been received from a delegation sent to the Black Tower. Lelaine also reports all of the dream ter'angreal are gone, taken by Sheriam the night before. The only ring left is the one Siuan kept for herself.

Gawyn rides behind Egwene who is still unsure what to do with him after his part in her rescue. Bryne leads Egwene to the bridge where the assault will begin. The defending force is surprisingly small and Bryne is confident that will not be difficult. Egwene decides to wait for an hour before commencing the assault. Just as she plans to give the order, a delegation of Aes Sedai arrives at the other end of the bridge and Andaya Forae, a Gray, begins crossing the bridge toward Egwene. The delegation of ten sitters, two from each Ajah except Red and Blue, gets permission to cross and meet with Egwene. They announce that the Hall has chosen Egwene as the next Amyrlin. When Egwene asks about Elaida they respond that she is missing. They also have agreed that the Blue Ajah will be reinstated and that Bryne's army is welcome to cross the bridge. Egwene is elated as the rides to meet with the Sisters.





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