External summary

<<<   A Tale of Blood    >>>
Setting: Lord Tellaen's manor in Arad Doman


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is in Arad Doman, at the traveling grounds, greeting a contingent of Sea Folk coming in from Tear. They are brought by Jahar Narishma. Rand asks Harine, his Sea Folk advisor, about how they treat men who can channel. A bargain is struck, and Rand promises to answer one question truthfully in exchange for the answer to a question of his own. Harine explains that channeling men are given two choices. One is to jump off the deck of a ship carrying a rock tied to his legs. The other is being deserted on a barren island with no provisions. The first choice is considered more honorable. Rand states that this practice must change now that saidin has been cleansed, but finds the Atha'an Miere, like many others, reluctant to believe that this is the case. Rand discusses this with Lews Therin- audibly- disturbing Harine, who chooses to ask her question of Rand later.

Rand thinks about the cruelty of killing men who can channel, and through the memories of Lews Therin, he remembers Jorlen Corbesan who was regarded as one of the world's foremost researchers and crafters of ter'angreal in the Age of Legends. Jorlen was killed during the Dark One's backlash that destroyed the Sharom.

A short time later, the Aiel arrive at the camp, with scouts having seen them. Rand points out that they would not have been seen had they been hostile.

Point of view: Cadsuane Melaidhrin

Cadsuane and Merise interrogate Semirhage about Graendal's plans. She is largely uncooperative, instead lecturing her interrogators on how she once transfused a man's blood with another liquid, making him live for almost an hour in constant pain. She has no interest in quick deaths. Cadsuane recognizes herself in the Forsaken, and it terrifies her, but she reaches a conclusion that Semirhage cannot be broken with pain. Rather, she proceeds to consider how she might break herself, and resumes the interrogations.