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<<<   When Iron Melts    >>>
Setting: Arad Doman, White Tower


Point of view: Rodel Ituralde
Ituralde surveys the battle scene before him, considering how it was a costly one. Half his force of 100,000 died defending the city, but they killed a force three times their number, and one with damane at that. He explains to the Seanchan General Turan how he managed to hide his forces inside the city, and some on the fields outside, fooling the general's raken scouts. Ituralde admits this is a war he cannot win. The scene ends with Ituralde taking Turan's head.

Point of view: Leane Sharif
Leane is visited by Egwene in her cell in the White Tower. Leane is amazed how far this girl has come, and how she is truly the Amyrlin. Suddenly, to the shock and dread of both women, the floor, bars, and walls start melting, forming into a liquid substance, still retaining the color of rock. Leane is about to be sucked into the abyss of wherever the stone is melting when she is rescued with flows of air by the Yellow sisters guarding her outside the room. Egwene says this is a bubble of evil.

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere
Egwene is going back to her rooms, and is surprised to find brown floor tiles in the hallway. Surely, the novice quarters have gray tiles? It turns out that a bubble of evil has swapped part of the quarters of the Brown Ajah with parts of the novice quarters. Egwene considers this strangely fitting the segregation of sisters in the Tower these days.





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