External summary

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Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp outside Tar Valon, Tel'aran'rhiod'


Point of view: Siuan Sanche

Siuan is in the village, outside Tar Valon, discussing the current situation with Lelaine. She must try to keep the other woman from usurping Egwene's authority, despite her capture. Lelaine wishes to be rid of Siuan's debt to Gareth Bryne but Siuan convinces her it would be best if someone keeps an eye on the general. Since she is no longer the Amyrlin she wonders if there might be room in her life for a relationship, which she always avoided in the past. Siuan later arrives at Bryne's tent, and she reveals to him the reason she broke her oath to him since Bryne asks her why. She tells Bryne about the foretelling by Gitara Moroso about the rebirth of the Dragon Reborn, and about how everyone who witnessed the event was murdered with the exception of Siuan and Moiraine. Bryne is finally satisfied and almost releases Siuan from his service.

Siuan retreats, and goes to sleep, using a sleepweaver ter'angreal in order to meet with Egwene. She finds herself holding a sword in the Amyrlin's study. Egwene regrets meeting in the study, and asks Siuan to meet her in the Novice dining room. They decide to meet more often, when Siuan tells Egwene about one of the Forsaken being in the camp. Egwene is shocked on hearing that Halima might have been one of the Forsaken, and channeling saidin at that. She is told about the Sisters being bonded by Asha'man, and asks who permitted Rand to commit such an atrocity. Pleased with the offer to bond Asha'man, she decides they must act on the issue later, giving the benefit of the doubt to Rand. He might not have been involved in giving permission to the Asha'man. She believes the taint is gone, but is going to want more confirmation before accepting it. The political intrigue between Romanda and Lelaine is discussed, Egwene being surprised at Romanda not having pushed for more power. Rather, it has been Lelaine who has been using her support of Egwene to push for political leverage. Siuan is ordered to deal with them, as Egwene is more needed inside the tower.