External summary

<<<   Bathed in Light    >>>
Setting: White Tower in Tar Valon


Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene is working in the Amyrlin's Study grateful she finally has a real desk and chair. Everything Elaida had in the room has been removed, so the walls are bare. Silviana is showing herself to be an effective Keeper and choosing her has brought at least a truce with the Red Ajah. Romanda and Lelaine are unhappy that Egwene plans to train the captured damane to be Aes Sedai. Another sixty Black Ajah sisters managed to escape but a few of the weakest were captured since they weren't able to use Travelling. The Seanchan captured two dozen Aes Sedai and almost as many Accepted or Novices. Mesaana was not found and may still be in the Tower, somehow getting around using the Oath Rod.

Silviana requests Egwene come to the Hall of the Sitters where they look out at Dragonmount through the hole in the wall made during the Seanchan attack. The clouds have broken in a circular ring centered on Dragonmount. Egwene asks Silviana to mark the date, expecting to someday know what the sunlight means.

At the end of time, when the many become one, the last storm shall gather its angry winds to destroy a land already dying. And at its center, the blind man shall stand upon his own grave. There he shall see again, and weep for what has been wrought.

from the Prophecies of the Dragon, Essanik Cycle. Malhavish's Official Translation, Imperial Record House of Seandar, Fourth Circle of Elevation.