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Setting: Borderlands, Altara, Blight, Darluna in Arad Doman


Point of view: Renald Fanwar

Renald, a farmer, is visited by an old friend, and starts modifying his scythes into halberds, and rides north with his farmhands and wife, to be ready for Tarmon Gai'don.

Point of view: Falendre

Falendre observes the scene following Semirhage's capture, and vows to inform the Daughter of the Nine Moons of Rand's desire for peace, but decides on telling Tuon when it suits her.

Point of view: Tylee Khirgan

Tylee's Seanchan forces are attacked by Trollocs. Tylee, up until now, has disregarded them as myth.

Point of view: Graendal

Graendal is summoned from her Domani retreat to a meeting with the other Forsaken. Mesaana pleads for help in order to rescue Semirhage. Moridin asks for status reports. Mesaana assures the other she will have subverted the White Tower by the time of the Last Battle. Demandred assures Moridin that his rule is secure and that his armies will be ready.

Point of view: Rodel Ituralde

Ituralde and his Domani scout the Seanchan laying siege to the city of Darluna. Once the Seanchan gets the gates open, the farmers in the fields pick up bows and weapons, while the city reveals massed soldiers inside, attacking the 150,000 strong Seanchan army.

Point of view: Masema Dagar

Masema and his followers are surprised on a ridge by Faile and her followers. The Dragonsworn are killed to a man, including Masema, who thinks back to his father and when he received his first blade at age fifteen.





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